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Connect your creative talents to a collective of experienced, award-winning Musicians & Audio Engineers while helping to incubate inspiring new talent for the future

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The audio block

Whether you are looking to create radio ads or book final mix for your next TVC, you’ll be made very welcome in our Cape Town and Joburg facilities – spacious, comfortable, inspiring spaces where you can enjoy a drink and a snack while your sound is exquisitely crafted.


Our facilities in both Joburg & Cape Town are spacious and comfortable spots where you can sit and enjoy a drink & some lunch while we craft your sound. Inter-city tandem productions facilitated by our in-house producers to make it easier for you. Call us and we will hook our studios up for you, no sweat.

Final Mix

With numerous commercials under our belts as well as a heap of awards, you know we can be trusted to deliver your sound to the highest standard.

Radio Production

Come pull up a chair and get in with the team that collaborated with some of SA’s top writers to produce stunning radio work which earned a bunch of Loeries and Pendorings last year. While music composition is our crown jewel, we harbor a special passion for pushing the boundaries of radio.